The #PrivacyFreeZone project has as its purpose the exploration of a paradox: how do the right of privacy and freedom of artistic expression coexist in the different countries?
How the right of privacy gives to everyone the exclusive right on their own personal image and prevents third parties from representing it?
Human Rights Council resolution 19/6 guarantee the right to freedom of artistic expression and creation, which here includes the right of the author to allow all people who wants participate at this project, to freely experience it through this joint practice, to have this right despite of the privacy.
So then, in a physical space defined by a red circle, a #PrivacyFreeZone will be activated in an era that is dominated by easy pictures, where the ideas of privacy and being at the centre of attention often overlap, creating a short circuit.

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Lugano, 23rd June 2016
For #PrivacyFreeZone,
Matteo Fieni